(n.) a spontaneous journey where the traveller leaves their life behind for a time to let the spirit of the landscape and architecture attract and move them.

These photographs were taken at random over a period of several months during my travels around my home state of South Carolina. The images are symbolic of my own nomadic experience as a young child.


I was mostly on my own as a child, and I was rarely at home. I spent most of my time exploring the town in which I grew up. I navigated streets and got lost in small patches of woods. When I was 15 I was removed from my parents’ home and placed with a foster family.

After I left my parents house I didn’t feel the need to escape the day to day. I assumed I had lost my explorative instinct. It wasn’t until recently, when I took my camera with me on spontaneous trips, that I realized I hadn’t lost it at all. It was just misplaced. 

This series depicts my exploration of the beauty and magic in the world.