Recently I find myself reflecting on the chapters of my life.  While attending school, working three jobs, and maintaining many relationships, the occasions of solitude and rest are the best moments of my day. 

By setting my focus on finding moments of meditation, I discovered some things I had never considered before. While these instances were at most a few minutes long, they sometimes felt endless.  Whether sitting at home, on the road, or walking from one obligation to the next, these escapes to personal contemplation can happen anywhere.  

I continued to explore these moments further by paying attention to more than just the locations that people lose themselves, but I also became curious about facial expressions during periods of contemplation.  I collaborated with my subjects in their own spaces by encouraging an almost hypnotic state.  I chose to photograph the moment that seemed to engulf their consciousness.  

By sharing these moments of solitude, these moments of reflection, my hope is to provide a slice of bliss to my audience, a much-needed break in our world of chaos.